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Postby Andrea » Tue Apr 27, 2010 1:12 am

I highly recommend this for listening to music! I know some people are super obsessed with winamp and don't want to change for anything, but there are many reasons to switch.

There are enough similarities that switching over is so easy, but aimp is so much better!

    ---- For one, it's open source, which I consider to be very important.. I don't remember if winamp is or not.
    ---- It's free, but anyone that pays for a program to listen to music is crazy anyway. :loco:
    ---- The media library is great! I have over 300 gigs of music and I have the tags to play perfectly in them, it's greatness. I was also one of those girls that never wanted to convert to a song library and just use folders and double clicking, but it is just too great not to. I also recommend tag&rename for tagging, but that is another thread all together.
    ---- It takes quite a bit less memory to run aimp than it does to run winamp, so if you like to save up your ram, here's another good plus.
    ---- There are literally hundreds of different skins to download on the site, so you can customize it however you like.
    ---- There is an audio converter so you can convert your flacs into mp3s or your mp3s into wavs or your wavs into flac... keep everything as you want it.
    ---- Uh... lots of more benefits!! :D
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