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Tips for the Second Episode and Jessie's Character

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Tips for the Second Episode and Jessie's Character

Postby HeroineX007 » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:09 am

I am returning for season 3 of the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, starting with the second episode, right where I left off.

Here's the intended summary: Jessie wants to prove that she isn't a Damsal in Distress and still be smart; When Jonny and Race are in danger, Jessie decides to seize the chance to prove that she can defend herself.

For the most part I have Liz being suspicious of being working with Dr. Zin handled, but there's a couple of things regarding this episode that has me in a jam.

1. What could Liz, Melana and Anaya do which attracts the Quest Team's attention without blowing Liz's cover?
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Her true colors won't be revealed until episode 5, where Hadji finds out the truth. That's for later.

2. How could I work out Jessie's part in this episode and make this conception work?

Jessie's character has always bugged me in the second season. She was like whiny and the clique of the Damsal in Distress. It made me go :loco: time to time, but I always thought Jessie was incredible in season one and wasn't as cliquey as she was in the second season, I hope that makes sense. I hope for this season to get her out of that clique without getting her completely OOC.

What do you think?
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Re: Tips for the Second Episode and Jessie's Character

Postby Bri » Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:07 pm

Well as I see it, Jessie not being a damsel in distress is fairly easy; just don't write her that way.

I'm aware that she came across that way in Season 2, but I prefer to view that behavior as an aberration on the part of the writers rather than a true characterization of her character. It should be fairly simple to write her part in the style of Season 1 rather than Season 2 and won't appear, in my opinion of course, as a complete departure from her character at all.

I'm not sure what you could do on the first question, unfortunately, but perhaps a visit to the tried and true might work; one of the three (I'm assuming Liz since at this point Melana and Anaya are known to the Quest team) gets to know Hadji at some sort of social event and draws his attention the way one of the twins (I forget which one) did in the other episode.
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