First Annual JQStyle Christmas Contest (2010)

Welcome Everybody to the First Annual JQStyle Christmas Contest! Please keep in mind that this contest page is under construction, so a lot will be added over the next few weeks.

A Few Quick Rules:
Even though I am not 100% done with this page, I want you to be able to get started, so here are just a few quick rules so that you can begin.
Because this is the first contest, I am going to let your imaginations run free. The only requirement is that your fan art is Christmas and/or winter related.
Your submitted fan art can be sketches, finished drawings, paintings, short comic strips, vectors, vexels, etc.
Currently fan fiction is not a category, but if enough people request it, I will change this.
At this time I am not planning on having a version of the Contest for The Clique, but if I get enough "adult" submissions, one of the prizes will go to an adult piece on behalf of The Clique.
You may use religious themes if you like, I am not going to limit you. Just try not to do anything offensive.
You may submit as many entries as you feel like, but may only win one physical award.
All submissions must be in by December 23, 2010 at 23:59 EST.
The peer-voted awards will be accepting votes on December 24, 2010 between 08:00 - 23:59.
The winners will be announced on December 25th.
Get started!

I am going to give away 5 copies of the original JQ Comic Book. I will give more details on this later.
I will have to check international shipping prices before I can give 100% definitive if I can ship out of country. At this point, I plan to, but I will do more research. If you are in a specific country and would like to be part of the contest but would like to know before hand, please tell me what country you are in and I will check the price of shipping.
There may be other prizes as well, depending on the amount of entries.

A nice easy way for you to submit is to add it as an email attachment. Send it to
You can also send me a Private Message on the Forum. It's easy to attach pictures there.
I will have a few more forms of submission in the near future.

Your Judges
There are going to be a total of 5 judges and 2 backup judges incase I don't get a response from a couple judges in time.
Judges are not allowed to submit fan art for the contest.

1. Andrea [JQStyle]
2. Bri [Member of JQStyle Forums]
3. Debbie Kluge [Extremely popular Fan Fiction Author]
4. Meach [JQML]
5. empty
bu 1. empty
bu 2. empty

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