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Fan Fiction » Rin » Double Back » Chapter 3

Double Back
By; Rin

Chapter 3


The world was silent again as the clock beside the fireplace in the large sitting room struck midnight. The Atlantic waves were wild as the moon has its tidal effect, a haunting lullaby to the slumbering people that lay comfortably in their beds within the protective walls of the Mansion. They had no fear of the outside world, for the place they resided was sturdy and safe, its walls of cool metal and protocols of defense against outsiders making it a safe haven.

Little did they know, it is not what is on the outside that they should fear.

The moon poured a beam of its icy blue radiance into the darkened room belonging to Dr. Benton Quest. The man himself laid on his back in the German-made oak bed, his eyes closed peacefully in slumber and his breathing deep and even. One hand rested limply across his chest, and the pale-blue moonlight made the white skin on the back of his hand and the side of his face fairly glow, reflecting off the red in his hair. (1)

With a gasp of shock, his eyes suddenly flashed open, his body jerking spasmodically.

The needle slid neatly out of the bulging vein in his neck, leaving behind a small hole in his flesh.

He tried to cry out, but the serum's effect was already in motion, blocking his throat and suffocating his voice. As the white-hot pain began to make its way through his unresponsive limbs, he could do nothing but lie helplessly, his eyes filled with alarm as nearly inaudible choking sounds rub his constricting throat raw. His eyes cut toward the body he feels standing calmly over him to catch a glimpse of the attacker in hopes that, should he survive, he could identify him.

The shadows were like a dark mask over the man's face. He saw nothing but that he was tall with dark locks and facial hair on his jaw line. The general description of over half the henchmen and followers of every one of his well-known enemies.

He tried to demand explanations from this sinister foe, but his throat was closing, making him pant for even the smallest flow of air.

The obscure stranger did not move, did not run or try to escape while he could, merely stood patiently over the paralyzed man, awaiting the inevitable and swiftly-coming death.


Hadji sat straight up in bed, realizing in an instant that he was breathing hard and soaked in a cold sweat. Something urgent in his dream pricked at his attention…

Without bothering to grab his turban from the bedpost, Hadji kicked back the blankets and raced from the room, slamming the door behind him with a resounding bang. He ran up the hall, up another short flight of stairs, taking the fastest route to the room he sought.

He had to go faster…he had to help him…


He only vaguely noticed the silhouette of the man's head suddenly turn, and that was when he heard the voice calling out from the other side of the locked door, though it was, in fact, the second time the voice shouted his name.

"Doctor Quest!" The rattle of the knob as someone struggled to open the door.

A low growl of intense fury, and then, in a flash of black, he was gone through the open window, two floors up off the ground. In the same second, the door exploded open with a crack as the wood frame was broken, and the sight of Race and Hadji rushing in filled his vision and gave him a spark of hope.

"What the…" Race trailed off and sprinted to the window, leaning out to see what had become of the apparent assailant.

The dark-haired man dove into an invisible rubber like force half-a-story down, landing gracefully on his feet and then leaping to the ground; the instant his feet hit the green grass he bounded away in the shield of the evergreen forest.

Race cursed and slammed his palms against the windowsill in frustration.

Meanwhile, Hadji leapt to Dr. Quest's side, his golden eyes widening in horror at the glazed look that coated the man's irises as his eyelids flickered twitchingly. His breathing was nothing but shallow, painful-sounding wheezes; his fingernails sliced into his palms and his entire frame shuddered in obvious agony, twisting the blankets into knots.

"What's happening?" demanded a panic-stricken voice from Hadji's right.

Hadji absently wondered when Jonny and Jessie had entered the room.

"He has been poisoned," he answered, wasting no time for explanations. "Race, help me hold him down. Jonny, Jessie, go to my room and get the skeleton antidote from my nightstand. Hurry!"

The two did not question their friend, and dashed out of the critical room so fast each of them nearly tripped and fell over the small staircase.

After what seemed to Jonny to be ages of running, he and Jessie finally burst back into his father's bedroom, the syringe and test tube containing the life-giving liquid in hand.

Almost immediately, he froze physically and mentally at the sight before him.

Whereas his father had before been seizing up all over and choking airlessly, he was now as still as a corpse, his eyes closed as if in deep slumber, his hands lying limply on the coverlet with small sprinkles of blood falling from the scrapes in his palms. Race and Hadji stood over him, both just as still, looks of intense helplessness written across both faces — it was a look he'd never seen Race wear before.

He felt his blood run cold.

Jessie must have shoved him forward, because he stumbled to the bedside and pushed the needle and bottle into Hadji's immobile hands almost violently enough to knock the young yogin over. This broke Hadji out of his dazed reverie and without a word he yanked off the cap of the skeleton antidote.

As he began to pour it into the glass connected to the long silver needle, a soft, wet noise broke the heavy silence. Jonny looked down reflexively to find the source of the sound, and then swiftly went from pale to gray, swaying nauseously on his feet.

His father's chest and throat rippled, small splatters of blackish-red blood beginning to surge from his mouth, darkly staining the perfectly white pillow beneath his head.

(1) There is a reason that his hair is red in this story; I will explain later, so just be patient with me. *wink*

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